Embroidery is a colorful, durable and exquisite apparel labeling technique. It is a traditional technique of decorating fabrics, felt or leather using computer controlled embroidery machine.


Laser marking is a very durable, accurate and effective technique of decorating items and promotional gifts. Marking can be in metal, wood and laminate engraving.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a direct printing digital recording. Digital printing has a printed full color, low cost of printing, even at low cost, customizable forms and shortening the production process.


Termotransfer is perfect in the advertising industry, for fast and cheap way of decorating garments. Imprints can be used on metal and fabrics for decorating T-shirts, hats, umbrellas, etc, in small quantities. Transfer involves thermal wgrzaniu material previously prepared in the figure.


Solvent printing is a technique that allows you to create very attractive and full-color graphics and ads. Printing can be done on different substrates such as PVC film, paper, flags, banners, etc. Solvent is a printing technique in inkjet plotter, using solvent-based inks based on organic solvents

Doming Stickers

Puffy stickers are durable and refined form of promotional labeling and product promotion. Puffy stickers are printed on self-adhesive foils, cyfrodruku technique, screen printing, offset or solvent- and then covered with a layer of transparent resin. The shape, size and color of stickers may be arbitrary.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is widely used, especially in the field of promotional products such as pens, pencils, key rings, etc. Depending on the type of ink can be printed on substrates such as plastics and glass. Pad printing is a method that transfers the ink on a soft smooth stamp called tampon. Printing is performed on small areas.


Screen printing is the only method that allows printing of many substrates, commonly used for advertising purposes. Print form template is applied to the grid and making a print is to paint the swaging die. Screen printing is used to print single-color and multi-color on paper, cardboard, PVC foils, plates, plastic, fabric and metal.